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Biscuit production line


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Biscuit production line

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Biscuit production line


Heating method: gas infrared heating

Use Case: Biscuit Production Line

Products used: proportional control metal fiber HK1250 infrared burner;

 Baking oven used in biscuit production line. The biscuit material enters into the tunnel oven equipped with infrared burner for baking after being processed by the noodle machine, the turning machine, the dicing machine, the skin stacking machine, the skin pressing machine, the forming machine and the sugar sprinkler.

Advantages of tunnel oven:

Temperature zone control. The temperature of each temperature zone can be preset, and the temperature is displayed digitally.

 The length of the infrared burner can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the size of the oven, which is convenient for equipment matching.

Using natural gas to fully burn through the infrared burner, the baked biscuits meet the technological standards of the food industry.

Not only can be used in biscuit production lines, but also in the production lines of cakes, potato chips, rice cakes, egg rolls, etc. in the food industry



Infrared burner heating advantages:

1. Burn evenly;

2. High thermal efficiency: the calorific value of the gas is fully converted, and the baked object is directly heated, more than 50% of the heat is transferred through thermal radiation, and there is basically no heat loss;

3. Small thermal inertia: fast heating and cooling;

4. Thermal shock resistance: drastic changes in thermal load will not cause damage to the material;

5. Low noise: quiet combustion can be achieved;

6. Environmental protection: CO, NOx emissions are very low, in line with national standards;

7. Safety: The low-pressure natural ejection method is used to premix air and gas, and the supporting control system will immediately cut off the gas supply and alarm through the alarm when the flameout is detected.

8. Precise control: Accurate control of the temperature in the furnace is achieved through electric actuators, butterfly valves, and temperature sensing systems in the furnace.

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mobile phone:15816882025


Address: No. 2268, Longgang section, Longgang Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen

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